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Research Article November 30 2020
Hydrometeorological Observations and Modeling of an Extreme Rainfall Event using WRF and WRF-Hydro during the RELAMPAGO Field Campaign in Argentina
Research Article November 30 2020
Are storm characteristics the same when viewed using merged surface radars or a merged satellite product?
Research Article November 30 2020
The Contributions of Gauge-Based Precipitation and SMAP Brightness Temperature Observations to the Skill of the SMAP Level-4 Soil Moisture Product
Research Article November 25 2020
On the value of river network information in regional frequency analysis
Research Article November 24 2020
Stochastorm: A stochastic rainfall simulator for convective storms
Research Article November 23 2020
Modeling Snow Ablation over the Western United States Mountains: Patterns and Controlling Factors
Research Article November 23 2020
Emulation of Community Land Model Version 5 (CLM5) to Quantify Sensitivity of Soil Moisture to Uncertain Parameters
Research Article November 23 2020
The Role of Soil Texture in Local Land Surface–Atmosphere Coupling and Regional Climate
Research Article November 23 2020
Evaluation of phase discrimination methods and snow fraction perturbations in arid regions of Northwest China
Research Article November 20 2020
Enhanced large-scale validation of satellite-based land rainfall products
Research Article November 16 2020
Observations and modeling of evapotranspiration and dewfall during the 2018 meteorological drought in southern England
Research Article November 13 2020
The Impact of Initial Snow Conditions on the Numerical Weather Simulation of a Northern Rockies Atmospheric River
Research Article November 13 2020
An Assessment of Concurrency in Evapotranspiration Trends Across Multiple Global Datasets
Research Article November 13 2020
Seasonal Precipitation Predictability for the Northern Hemisphere Using Concurrent and Pre-Season Atmospheric Water Vapor Transport and Sea Surface Temperature
Research Article November 13 2020
Modeling the snowmelt runoff process of the Tizinafu River basin, northwest China with GLDAS data and Bayesian uncertainty analysis
Research Article November 10 2020
Retrospective Analysis and Bayesian Model Averaging of CMIP6 Precipitation in the Nile River Basin
Research Article November 9 2020
Dryness over the US Southwest, a Springboard for Cold Season Pacific SST to Influence Warm Season Drought over the US Great Plains
Research Article November 5 2020
Combining Radar Attenuation and Partial Beam Blockage Corrections for Improved Quantitative Application
Research Article November 3 2020
A 10-year Climatology of Mesoscale Convective Systems and their Synoptic Circulations in the Southwest Mountain Area of China
Research Article October 29 2020
Radar Applications in Northern Scotland (RAiNS)
Research Article October 28 2020
Assessing goodness of fit to gamma distribution and estimating future projection on daily precipitation frequency using regional climate model simulations over Japan with and without the influence of tropical cyclones
Research Article October 28 2020
Attributing terrestrial water storage variations across China to changes in groundwater and human water use
Research Article October 28 2020
Evaluation of GPM IMERG Rainfall Estimates in Singapore and Assessing Spatial Sampling Errors in Ground Reference
Research Article October 23 2020
Evaluation of precipitation vertical profiles estimated by GPM-era satellite-based passive microwave retrievals
Research Article October 20 2020
Changing lateral boundary conditions for Probable Maximum Precipitation studies - A physically consistent approach
Research Article October 15 2020
Hydrometeorological Characteristics of Ice Jams on the Pemigewasset River in Central New Hampshire
Research Article October 12 2020
It’s Raining Bits: patterns in directional precipitation persistence across the U.S.
Research Article October 5 2020
How well can land-surface models represent the diurnal cycle of turbulent heat fluxes?
Research Article September 23 2020
A strong linkage between seasonal crop growth and groundwater storage variability in India
Research Article September 9 2020
Can weather radars be used to estimate snow accumulation on alpine glaciers? - an evaluation based on glaciological surveys.
Research Article March 19 2020
Increased drought risk in South Asia under warming climate: Implications of uncertainty in potential evapotranspiration estimates
Research Article July 17 2017
Reply on Comment on "Regional impacts of irrigation in Mexico and southwestern U. S. on hydrometeorological fields in the North American Monsoon region", by Mahalov et al.(2016)
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