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IFloodS 2013: A Field Campaign to Support the NASA-JAXA Global Precipitation Measurement Mission


This Special Collection of the Journal of Hydrometeorology covers analyses of data collected during the spring 2013 Iowa Flood Studies (IFloodS) field campaign. IFloodS was conducted in Eastern Iowa under the auspices of the NASA’s Ground Validation component of the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission and in collaboration with the Iowa Flood Center. The main objective of the campaign was the collection of hydrometeorological data to support satellite-based rainfall estimation algorithms and to evaluate the skills of flood forecasting models driven by remote sensing products. Observational assets deployed in Iowa included NASA’s S-band polarimetric radar (NPOL), Dual-frequency Dual-polarimetric Doppler radar D3R, four University of Iowa mobile X-band polarimetric radars, a network of optical disdrometers, and numerous rainfall, soil moisture and stream gauges. A wide variety of precipitation event types occurred during the campaign and vast quantities of hydrometeorological data were collected. An important aspect of the campaign is an exploration of the scale effect on the performance of rainfall estimation algorithms--both space- and ground-based--and the hydrologic rainfall-runoff models used for flood prediction. The collected data have been archived by NASA within the Global Hydrology Resource Center Distributed Active Archive and will continue to support a wide variety of studies.

Collection organizers:
Dr. Walt Petersen, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Dr. Witold F. Krajewski, Iowa Flood Center

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