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DEEPWAVE: The Deep Propagating Gravity Wave Experiment


The DEEP propagating gravity WAVE program (DEEPWAVE) is a comprehensive, airborne and ground-based measurement and modeling program centered on New Zealand and focused on providing a new understanding of gravity wave dynamics and impacts from the troposphere through the mesosphere and lower thermosphere (MLT). In the field phase of the program, the NSF/NCAR GV (NGV) research aircraft was employed from a base in New Zealand in a 6-week field measurement campaign in June-July 2014. The NGV was equipped with new lidar and airglow instruments, as well as dropwindsondes and a full suite of flight level instruments including the microwave temperature profiler (MTP), providing temperatures and vertical winds spanning altitudes from immediately above the NGV flight altitude (~13 km) to ~100 km. The region near New Zealand was chosen for the field campaign since all the relevant GW sources (e.g., mountains, cyclones, jet streams) occur strongly here, and upper-level winds in austral winter permit gravity waves to propagate to very high altitudes. However, all studies on deep gravity wave propagation based on observations, modeling, and theories are welcome to this special collection. An overview paper describing the project is available here.

Collection organizers:
David C. Fritts, GATS Inc.
Ronald B. Smith, Yale University
James D. Doyle, Naval Research Laboratory

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